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CFO Mastermind Groups

You are pretty sure that the financial processes are inefficient and you want to start a project and make some changes.  HOW?  There isn't really anyone in finance that could lead a project or would know what the best practices should be.  You could hire a consultant but how do you find a qualified consultant and that would cost too much.  You could attend a workshop or host a workshop in your company.  You can't learn everything is a single workshop and you are afraid the project would fizzle.

Well maybe our CFO Mastermind Group is for YOU!! 

This program is for a select number of CFOs & Controllers who want to be involved in a group of their peers addressing issues relating to eliminate wasteful processes, reduce cost and use technology more effectively.  The focus of this group is how to make the departments in your organization more efficient.  These departments include Procurement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Treasury, Financial Reporting.  We also address the information technology that is required to support the lean business processes and how to evaluate, select and implement the needed technology. 

The commitment to this program is one year.  It includes a quarterly workshop, monthly update calls and a subscription to the Executive Briefing teleseminars. In the quarterly workshops we look in detail at selected departments, design the process, organization and identify the required information technology.  We then prepare a plan for that process which includes the team and the projects required to implement the new lean process. During the monthly update calls we review the progress and answer any questions about your individual processes. 

This group is limited so if you are interested please call us at 818-227-5025 or email info@ljrconsultingservices.com for an application.  

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