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Our Solutions

LJRCS is dedicated to supporting executives improve productivity and profitability through efficient business processes and the effective use of information technology.  To accomplish this we have a proven process that enables a business to create an environment of continuous improvement using the following steps:

  • Assessment - Identify the areas of opportunity and the ideas that will provide the greatest ROI
  • Prescription - Prepare a plan and team to design the new processes & orgnaization and select new systems
  • Implementation - Implement the new processes and systems
  • Maintenance - Review, Evaluate, Revise and Repeat  

The Assessment
 Our assessment is a Business and Technology Health Check-up, where we identify and diagnose the causes of lost productivity in the business.  We all know that we should go to a doctor for an annual physical so that even if we feel ok, the doctor can evaluate several factors to ensure our health.  The Business and Technology Health Check-up does the same for your company's financial health.  Also, if we go to the doctor with a problem, even if we have researched our symptoms on the internet and think we know what the problem is, the doctor will still perform tests to determine the diagnosis.  So with the Business and Technology Health Check-up, if you have pain and think you need a new ERP system or to consolidate systems or re-organize, we recommend the assessment to confirm the diagnosis and also ensure everyone understands the issues and how the solution will address the issues. Learn more...

The Prescription
The next step of our solution process is to determine how to get to the desired "end state" as defined in the Assessment that is the ideal foundation for next-level success.  Our experienced analysts draw on their deep knowledge of business practices and technology to define a unique prescription - plan of action- that will transform your organization.  The prescription includes recommendations for:

  • Business process change
  • Business systems to be implemented or upgraded
  • Outsource functions and outsource vendors
  • Internal staff changes
  • Hardware and network improvements

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Once you have decided on the solutions that are needed, the next step is to implement them.  This is often very challenging for organizations for many reasons. 

  • Making "the difficult" easy - It may be hard to successfully introduce change into an organization, but through expert planning, communication, persistence and patience transition to new methods and systems are fully embraced and appreciated.
  • Optimum utilization of time and resources - Every member of your team is busy with their daily jobs, we build a team of your staff and our consultants that enables the project to be completed while daily tasks are accomplished.
  • The "missing piece" - implementing new systems and processes requires knowledge of business 'best practices', knowledge of new technology options, project management and systems expertise that may not exist within your organization.  We easily provide that competency and integrate effectively with existing stakeholders.
  • The LJRS team is experienced in all areas of implementation functions and will support and guide your team to a successful implementation of all components of your prescription.

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Once all the new systems and processes are completed, they must be maintained.  This includes updating systems, renewing and re-evaluating outsource agreements, maintaining and upgrading networks and hardware and maintaining/upgrading internal staff and skill sets. In addition to standard maintenance, The Assessment should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
LJRCS will support your maintenance requirements by

  • Providing regularly scheduled Assessment reviews
  • Providing temporary or part-time CIO to complement your executive staff
  • Preparing maintenance schedules and identify vendors or internal personnel to support systems
  • Define internal teams for continuous improvement

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