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About Us

LJR Consulting Services was founded by Lynda J. Roth with a single goal - to guide mid-market companies to improve their profitability by eliminating wasteful processes in the business and utilizing information technology effectively.

Why LJRCS?  LJRCS team members approach the business as a whole.  The team is business focused with extensive knowledge of technology.  In this way they are able to identify the root cause of business problems, define & implement solutions.  Secondarily, the LJRCS team are experts in building internal teams to define and implement the solutions thus reducing internal resistance to change.

 We work with companies that are challenged in the current economy to reduce cost without cutting staff across the board.  We do this by:

  • engaging one of our partners to review existing vendor contracts and renegotiate them 
  • reduce waste and create lean business processes so that staff may be reduced without reducing service 
  • identify options to improve receivables collection
  • engage one of our partners to identify payment workouts with vendors
  • utilize their existing information technology more effectively. 

This process enables business to reduce costs and continue to service their clients and work to increase market share. 

We work with companies that are growing to maintain and improve their levels of service and quality without increasing their cost structure.  We do this by:

  • Defining and implementing efficient business processes
  • Selecting, implementing and utilizing information technology that will support the company's growth
  • Advising management on organizational structures for finance and information technology

We work with companies that are making strategic acquisitions to ensure they have a successful integration of the new companies by:

  • ensuring they have a solid information technology infrastructure, systems, processes and organization to support the acquisitions
  • perform Technology due diligence on acquisition targets
  • develop a transition plan for the smooth consolidation of the acquisition on the parent systems and processes.

Call us at 818-227-5025 or email us at info@ljrconsultingservices.com for a free consultation


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