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Executive Briefing Teleseminars

You hear alot of talk about 'Becoming Lean', Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Vitualization, Insourcing/Outsourcing, new Banking Services.  It is a dizzying array of information that you need to understand but don't have the time to learn about it, much less determine if it something your company should be doing.  If you contact vendors you may get an education but also a big sales pitch.  You could hire a consultant but that could be expensive and you are not sure if you want to engage in a project. You could search on Google and read all the articles and blog posts you can find but that will take alot of time.   You wish there was somewhere you could go to get some basic information in English so you can understand the impact to your business. 

Well now there is!  Our Executive Briefing teleseminar series is designed for  busy executives - CFO, COO, CEO to get this information.  In this program you will learn about new processes, technologies and services that enable you to increase productivity and profitability.

Teleseminars are offered monthly with an extra program each quarter.  That is 16 programs per year! In these programs we address topics such as:
  • How to effectively implement change in the organization and how to evaluate your company's ability to change.
  • How to assess your company's business processes and information technology to identify areas of waste
  • How to turn Accounts Payable into a profit center
  • How to create business requirements documents and evaluate systems
  • How to use document management systems to reduce cost and eliminate inefficiency
  • What are the latest trends in outsourcing
  • What are the latest technology trends - Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Virtualization,etc.

The annual per person subscription fee to join the teleseminars is $997.  You may also purchase a corporate subscription that provides for unlimited members of your organization to attend the seminars for $2997.00. 

Concerned that you won't be able to attend the live teleseminars - no worries  Replays will be available within 24 hours.

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