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Hidden Profits Workshop

Hidden Profits Workshops

You know you have business processses that are inefficient.
You know that you want to create 'lean' teams within the organization to redefine the processes.


You would like some guidance on creating teams that work together
You know the teams need training in lean procedures
You feel the teams will need guidance on efficient business processes and the technology that can support them


The Hidden Profits Workshops are for YOU!

We will facilitate custom workshops to:

  • train your teams in 'lean' procedures 
  • train your teams in new technology options to support lean business processes
  • redesign the selected business processes 

 The workshops frequently follow a Business & Technology Health Check-up.  Included in each workshop are 4 team follow-up conference calls.   

Call us today at 818-227-5025 or email info@ljrconsultingservices.com  to discuss your workshops needs

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