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Business changes, the economy changes, technology changes, goals change and these changes all have an impact on the strategy, planning and implementation that has been completed.  In order to remain lean you need to have a process for continuous improvement. The LJRCS team provide options for aiding you in creating your continuous improvement process.

Assessment Reviews

The Assessment is very similar to a Balance Sheet, it reflects a specific point in time.  It identifies what is in existence at the point in time when completed and based on the Assessment create a Prescription for that point in time.  As time passes, the business changes.  So every 6 months to 1 year or when there is significant business changes, we recommed a review of the Assessment and Prescription.  We look to see what has been implemented, what has changed in the business and business goals.  From the new evaluation we then refine the Assessment and the Prescription. 

The new Prescription could vary from 'staying the course' to 'making slight modifications' to make 'significant changes in direction'.  For example, in the initial Assessment we may have recommended that the current system remain in tact and some changes to business process and/or configuration be implemented.  Sometime later the business acquires another company, develops a new product or opens new offices.  These actions may now result in a recommenation that a new system be implemented in addition to more business process change.

Continuous Improvement Teams

The LJRCS team will work with your team to define a continuous improvement program and leader if one does not already exist.  The role of this team is to regularly identify areas of improvement in business process and information technology.  The team should include representatives from the business departments and the IT department. 

In order to maintain the value of your system investment and to maintain support from software vendors, systems need to be upgraded in a timely manner. 

An upgrade may be a daunting task for the following reasons:

  • Original purchased system has been customized and those customizations must be re-appied to the new release
  • Shortage of resources, staff & environment, to perform the upgrade and test it before moving to the production environment
  • Lack of understanding of new functions and how to incorporate those into current processes
  • Shortage of staff to design and document required upgrades to a custom application

LJRCS analysts are available to support you before, during and after an upgrade in the following areas:

  • analysis of tasks to be accomplished for the upgrade and testing
  • analysis of changes required to auxilliary systems and custom enhancements 
  • preparation of plans, time and cost estimate
  • preparation of requirements and specifications
  • installing software vendor upgrades
  • designing upgrades and enhancements to custom applications
  • reconfiguring the system
  • designing processes for new functionality
  • re-designing business processes as required
  • coordinating the re-application of custom functionality
  • performing tests
  • planning and performing production cutover

In short you never have to worry about an upgrade again!

Temporary IT Management

Technology is very important in all businesses today and key to meeting your growth and profit objectives.  One of the last items you as the CEO, COO or CFO have time to address is the technology that keeps your business running every day. In addition to the daily management of your IT organization, there is much planning required to ensure that as the business grows and changes and technology changes, the systems continue to support the business.  A CIO will round out the executive team and these tasks are done. 

If you feel you cannot justify a full time CIO or you have not found the right full time person yet, LJRCS can help you.  Our staff of experienced IT executives can provide you with the following services:

  • Temporary full time CIO or CTO
  • Temporary or long term part-time CIO or CTO
  • Management for individual projects
  • Negotiation and review of technical contracts
  • Evaluation and selection of hardware and systems  
  • Evaluation and selection of internal IT staff

Our temporary IT Management Services will ensure that you invest wisely in technology so your business can grow and be profitable.  

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