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The Prescription is the roadmap that we determine from the information obtained in the Assesment.  The Assessment is an exceptional tool to determine the status of the business.  The Prescription defines where the business will go and how it will get there.

The steps in the Prescription Process are:

  1. Define the Solution
  2. Identify the Projects in the Solution
  3. Determine the order in which the Projects should be complete
  4. Estimate the time & resource required for each project

The Solution
In the first step of the Prescription, we define the long range solution for the issues identified in the Assessment.  We think of the solution as a puzzle with numerous pieces.  The solution will include the types of systems (ex. CRM, ERP Document Imaging) that are needed, the expected organization structure and high level process flow.

The Projects
In the Prescription process we identify the puzzle pieces (projects) that should be done to correct the issues.  Projects include evalutation of systems, system implementation, organization changes, business process definition and implementation, and building the IT department.

The Project Order
Just like there is an approach to complete a puzzle that enables you to complete it faster and easier, we define the approach and order in which the projects should be completed.  The order in which projects are addressed is extremely important to the success of the projects,  the cost of the projects and the benefit to the organization.  LJRCS analysts are experts in determining the most successful approach to completing each client's puzzle.

The Time and Resources
The final piece of the roadmap is the resource estimate.  At this point details of each project are not known and the estimates are very preliminary.  We draw upon our more than 75 years of combined experience to provide an estimate in weeks or months of the time we would expect an average project to require.  We also identify the types of resources and skill sets required for each project.  Detail estimates are completed at the start of each project. 

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