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CIO Challenges

If you are a CIO you may be thinking:

  • I am under alot of pressure to reduce IT spend, how can I do that without reducing service levels?
  • Is outsourcing a good option for our firm and if so what do I outsource and to whom?
  • I think the company needs new systems - ERP, CRM, Document Management - I need support to justify them to management. 
  • Management has agreed to invest in new systems but Finance and Operations do not have the staff or expertise to define requirements and evaluate different systems. 
  • The company is not using the systems we have as effectively as they could and there are manual processes everywhere, I need someone to work with Finance and Operations to redesign the business processes to be more lean.  
  • I have vendors managing projects and they are not meeting deadlines and/or user tasks are not getting done, I need someone who can manage all the vendors and internal teams.

We have answers to those questions 



If these are some of your concerns call us at 818-227-5025 or email us info@ljrconsultingservices.com today for a free consultation!

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