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CFO Challenges

If you are a CFO you may be thinking:

  • It feels like we are spending too much on Information Technology, how do I know what I should be spending, how does it compare to others in my industry, and are we getting value for that spend?
  • I am responsible for IT and am not sure if we have the right staff, systems, or vendors, how do I evaluate them?
  • I think we may need a new ERP system and I am not sure how to determine if we do or how to evaluate the systems?
  • I have concerns about some of the financial controls, it seems we have numerous manual processes and I would like to use technology more to address these issues. 
  • I have heard about new solutions like P-cards, ePayables and I am not sure how they apply to my company and how to implement them. 
  •  The percentage of overhead cost especially in IT and Finance as a percentage of revenue has risen, how can I bring those costs back under control without sacrificing service?
  • We have finance staff in multiple locations and/or we are supporting multiple systems, can these be consolidated?
  • It takes too long to close the books at the end of the month/year and I would like to find ways to reduce the time and the amount of staff required.
  • We reduced staff in response to the recession, as the economy recovers how can grow the company and keep staff levels lean?

We have answers to those questions 



If these are some of your concerns call us at 818-227-5025 or email us info@ljrconsultingservices.com today for a free consultation!

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