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Under Performing Resources

Invest in building or reconstructing the internal technology team? Take a chance on potentially expensive outsource solutions? The debate can get complex. Deciding what should be outsourced, how to choose the most capable resources and whether internal expertise can eventually pay for itself are among the most troubling decisions for an executive or prospective investor. The complex and always-changing implications of not keeping up with technology evolution is a critical factor in projecting a company's near and long term value.

Building an internal technology team is not just a matter of hiring a few more technical geeks.  As a company grows and technology becomes more complex there are numerous different skill sets required. Having the wrong skill sets on your team can be very expensive in terms of lost opportunity, training, carrying payroll that is not used and replacing team members.

While outsourcing has a place in almost every business today, the functions that are outsourced, the outsource partner and the contract can make the difference between a successful partnership and a disaster. Resulting problems could be as simple as overpaying for services or as expensive as re-insourcing or changing vendors.

Underperforming Resources Solution

The complex and  critical waters of today's business technology should be navigated by someone experienced in the field. A technology savvy executive usually a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is required in every growing business.  The role of this executive level is to:

  • identify the required in-house team members and their skill sets,
  • determine opportunities to outsource functions
  • select and negotiate out-sourcing and support vendor contracts
  • create/refine an Information Technology (IT) budget and maintenance/upgrade schedule
  • determine technology to be added & business processes to revised each year
  • ensure that the technology infrastructure is aligned with the business goals and able to support the business growth plans.

This position is critical and the person should be a full time member to the corporate executive team.  However, in times of tight cash flow and early growth this role may be filled by a part time consultant.  LJRCS provides the following services to support companies without a CIO or CTO.

  • Part-time and/or temporary CIO services
  • IT strategy creation
  • Consulting to define IT department requirements

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